Act-101 is a multidisciplinary sound-based duo formed by Anna Petzer and Walter Sallinen. The interplay between different fields of art, approaches, tools of expression and eventually themselves is the driving force behind the embodiments of their performative acts. The duo has performed on different events and festivals such as MuTeFest 2018 in Helsinki, The Decameron 2017 in Outokumpu (Finland), MEHRLICHT!MUSIK and Musikfestwochen Crescendo in Berlin as well as at Volksbühne in January 2017.


Head Games (2018)
- game for motion sensing rings and video in collaboration with video artist Viiksimaisteri


Pics: Susanna Kekkonen


Pawn Structures (2016)
- an electroinstrumental game of chess for two players


x-dependent (2017)

wired (2017)


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